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Consulation Supplies was established 2007 as a privately owned business. Our commitment to product excellence and customer satisfaction has ensured rapid and sustained growth.

Today we have offices in Gauteng, the Western Cape, KZN and the Eastern Cape. In Gauteng's East Rand and Cape Town we have workshops of respectively +/- 2500m2 and 400m2.

We are currently developing a marketing footprint across the African continent.

Consulation Supplies Operational Divisions

Consulation Supplies is diversified into four specialised divisions:

Wire division Enamels (round), textiles (bare, mica, paper, glass yarn, aramid).

Transformer division Kit manufacture for both dry type and air cooled transformers, corrugation, blocking, strips, duct wrap, slit to size, T strip, dovetail strip, clack spacer, cylinders, collars and stress rings, etc.

Insulation division Repair kits for traction motors, dry type transformers, cable kits and slit to size, etc.

Polymer Division Local manufacturing of varnishes, resins, paints, putty, degreasers and primers, to mention but a few.

Accessories Bushings, thermometers, PRV, magnetic oil gauges, terminals

Our Target Market

• Armature winders

• Generator manufacturers and repairers

• Transformer OEM and repair market for both distribution and Power Transformers (oil cooled and Dry Type)

• DC Traction market

• AC High Voltage rotating machines; both OEM and repair market

• Electro magnets; lifting and over band OEM and repair market

• Applications where insulation is required to handle high heat or high voltage; we supply a wide range of industrial laminates.

• Eskom.

• Transnet.

Our Supply Chain

Consulation Supplies is an approved and appointed exclusive distributor to several most reputable international suppliers in countries that include Italy, Spain, Switzerland, India and China, to mention but a few.

• All materials are backed with full specification and data sheets

• All polymer products have specification and MSDS

• Price lists for each market sector are available on request.

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